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What makes these knives special?


Knives had always held a special fascination for me.  They are the very essence of what is a tool, distilled to it's perfect form. One carefully molded piece of metal, that can separate matter at our command.  A piece of earth, formed with knowledge and heat, until it becomes a vital force of it's own.  Unmoving, but powerful.  A tool for life or death.  They built civilizations and tore them down.  Tools to build, hunt, fight and eat with.  Elemental.

One of the fascinating things about knives is the wonderful complexity and subtlty that belies their apparent simplicity.  The variations in geometry, design, materials and heat treatments that make them perform and appeal.  

There are many fine companies making quality products for good prices.  And frankly, you could cut up your apple with a plastic butter knife if you had to (although I guarantee it wouldn't taste as sweet)

So why a Lost Planet Forge knife?

Heirloom quality.  All of these knives are 100% handmade by one fanatical gentleman out of US made materials.  And no two will ever be exactly alike.  The proverbial snowflake.  They are made to the highest standards of modern quality, but use traditional, time tested techniques.  Not only are they beautiful works of art, but they will last a lifetime of hard use.  Convex edges, hand stropped to a razor's edge and bolsters silver soldered to the blade.  Those are the kinds of details that make Lost Planet Forge knives exceptional.

Outstanding designs.  While many of these knives have their roots in historical patterns, the maker's unique background in medical illustration and design produces knives with ergonomic harmony and organic functionality.  No chunky black blades here.  Ever seen a square bone?  Me either.  Designs based on nature perform, well, naturally.  These knives are for sporting use or every day carrying and they perform the tasks they were made for exceptionally well.  They are not made to cut their way into an armored car, nor are they made to hang on the wall.  They are handy and slender, but solid and strong, and designed for the tasks you are most likely to do whether out in the woods, or in your garden. 

Responsible Materials.  Every piece of these knives is made in the USA, as are most of the tools used to make them.  I support my neighbors and I believe that the US can still make the best stuff in the world.  I try to use sustainable natural materials for the handles.  Although I do occasionally use horn from domestic animals (like sheep), I will never use any threatened or endangered plant or animal part in one of my knives.  As beautiful as ivory is, I think it looks better on an elephant.  Native wood handles are finished with natural oil.  It's old school, it's gorgeous and it's the healthy thing to do. Not only does this approach create beautiful and high quality knives, but you can buy one knowing that you heaped as little pain as possible on Mother Earth.  And, importantly, this knife will last you the rest of your life, unless you manage to lose it.  And I hope you give that a good shot.

Now.  Tuck that knife in your pack and GET LOST.